Real Life Ghost Stories for the Campfire or Coffee Table!


With the release of so many brilliant movies based on ghost stories over the last few years, Hollywood has really stepped up its game with the horror genre. We want to beat them to the punch though and share with you our top three scariest real-life ghost stories that should totally be made into movies!

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Whether you’re round the campfire this summer or holidaying in luxury and you want some coffee table frights, there’s a story here to entertain, thrill and spook the hell out of your friends and family.

Scariest Ghost Story if you’re Waiting for Annabelle 2:

The Porcelain Doll

North Dakota, 1990’s

A teenage girl, born and raised in North Dakota had a strange pastime with her friends. They cast themselves as teenage detectives and would go on the hunt for real-life-murderers, the old crime scenes and their old homes from back in the day. But this isn’t the creepy part because actually, they lived in a really small town and there were very few murders to hunt down.

Source: whatisyourword.dynu

Source: whatisyourword.dynu

This resulted in a new game where they would go out and find abandoned farmsteads, which was quite entertaining and relieved the boredom of teenhood. One day, they were out in the car when one of them caught a glimpse of a tree that was uncannily out of place (they had come to learn that this was a sure sign of a hidden driveway). Sure enough, as they drove through the field they found what they were looking for. Nestled in the open wilderness of all those fields was a padlocked old house.

The locks did not deter them and they quickly broke them off to investigate the inside. What they found was a house that was  left as a relic. As if you went out one day, expecting to return but never came back. The table was set for the evening meal. The fridge was fully stocked (albeit now rancid). Family photos lined the walls. Closets were full. The mail laid on the table ready for opening. The TV guide was neatly placed on the living room table. Inside this house it was June 1978.

The house had been abandoned overnight.

Suddenly, she heard a blood curdling scream coming from upstairs and seconds later after the screamer had mustered back their voice: “you have to go and see.”

So she crept up the stairs, uncertain what she would find, heart beating, breath fast, almost whimpering it was so labored.

She could see her friend standing in the doorway at the end of the hall, bent over and shocked to her core.

But she wanted to brave.

So she walked down the hall, moved her friend aside and went into the room.

Atop a queen-sized bed swathed in fluffy pillows, blanket drawn to the waist with arms resting atop was a life sized porcelain doll with her head tilted so that her cold dead eyes were the first thing you would see. Like she was waiting to be found. Waiting and ready for this girl and her friends for 20 years!

Suffice to say the group of friends ran shrieking out of the house and never returned but the sight and the strangeness of the scene infatuated them and they tried to investigate what had happened to the owners.

All they could find out is that the house was repossessed due to non-payment of tax. Pretty mundane stuff. But what became of the family who lived there and why they left that creepy doll, positioned just so, remained a mystery forever.

(story adapted from ThoughtCloud)

Scariest Story if you love Dark Dickensian:

Miss Haversham for the 21st Century

In urban America, among the fast paced city life, a young man was looking for an apartment to rent and wasn’t having much luck.

One day he was sharing his struggles with his friend who said, hey, I’m trying to sell this great place but the market is slow, why don’t you take it on for a bit?

It seemed like the perfect solution so the young man moved in. However, pretty soon, he realized that his next door neighbor was not right. She was around 45 but looked 65 and had a sinister air about her.



What was really bothering him was that she would sit up all night talking really loudly as if she had company whilst listening to Christian radio shows full blast on the radio.

One night he couldn’t take it any more so he decided to knock on her door and just ask her to keep it down.

He wasn’t expecting her to open up, but suddenly there she was.

Inside he noticed with horror that all of the walls were covered in painted crosses in every single color of the rainbow with words like Jesus and Angels scribbled in between.

The stench of must and airlessness filled his nostrils and then he noticed that she has painted over the windows with a black, tarry substance.

The floor was covered in dog mess but there appeared to be no animal present and he thanked god for that. No animal deserved to live like that.

She stared at him when he asked her to please keep it down and as a repayment for his candor, she turned the radio up even louder.

It was getting ridiculous. But what could he do?

The next night took a terrifying turn. He had managed to convince his girlfriend to stay over and late that night they drifted off to sleep, the noise from the apartment next door seemingly gone.

This did not make the young man feel any easier.

In the dead of night he awoke and felt a shadowy presence brooding above him. Surely he was in some dream-like trance?

As he came to, he realized that it was the figure of his neighbor peering over their bed and holding something foul in her hand before she spoke softly and said:

“You should lock your door at night.”

But it had been locked and she had broken in!

The next morning she was sitting below the window of his apartment chanting in tongues and still holding the bag which he could now see contained the rotting head of a dog. He felt sick.

Who knows what could happen next if the woman wasn’t put away?

However, it turned out the police had very little recourse because even though she was a known violent schizophrenic they were unable to force her from her apartment because she owned it. They could only catch her when she ventured out, which seemed either rare or obscure circumstances for which she always managed to evade capture.

The young man was not going to beaten so for two consecutive nights he waited. He knew that she smoked so she had to leave the house at some point to buy cigarettes. Sure enough, on the seconf night at 2am, he heard her door go and immediately called the police.

The last time the young man ever saw his disturbed neighbor was as the police dragged into a special van and drove her away. Probably to a mental institution.

It was as if she was never there.

As if she has never existed.

Except the haunting memory of her deranged face staring down at him whilst he slept.

(adapted from ThoughtCatalogue)


Scariest Story about Chilling Childhood Escapes:

The Sinister School Bus

“The bus was always full when I was picked up for school. I was the last kid on and the one who had to fight for a seat. But one day as I waited, a bus pulled up and opened its doors and as I was about to get on I realized there were no kids on it!

Source: YouTube/The Haunted School Bus

Source: YouTube/The Haunted School Bus

I felt weird about it so I asked the driver where the other kids were and he shrugged and smiled and told me not to worry. It was a new route and now I was the first to be collected. I had a really bad feeling and even though he got pushy, I wouldn’t get on so eventually he left. I wasn’t sure what had happened and was feeling really shocked when a few minutes later, the real bus pulled up.

Later that night I told my parents and thinking about it now, I can see the cold chill run across their spines and the blood draining out of their faces as they thought about what could have been.”

(Adapted from ThoughtCatalogue)