Cringe or Cute? Seriously Questionable Pet Clothing


Domestic pets are part and parcel of our modern day existence. We love them and treat them as part of the family to such an extent, many of us are guilty of humanizing our beloved animals by dressing them up in specially made pet outfits. And why not? A friend of mine who is a professional dog walker once said: “if you can’t spoil your pets who can you spoil?” But have we gone too far?

1. Matchy-Matchy-Matchy

Kicking off with the ultimate pet clothing cringe session is this threesome of horse, dog and child in triple matching outfits.

Source: snuggyhoods

Source: snugglyhoods

It’s bad enough that human beings have taken to wearing onesies which should only really be worn by babies under three. Here we’ve got a traumatized little Jack Russell, a pony who looks like it needs to go to therapy complete with a bouncing toddler on its back. So. Not. Cool.

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